Raks Bonita (Bonita's Dance)


[Bonita and guests dancing at a Lebanese Wedding] Lebanese Wedding photos, this page, courtesy of Don Mears Photography
Deepest appreciation to Hannah and Toufic

“Bonita is a real crowd pleaser! If you are looking for a classicaly trained Egyptian dancer who can bring a traditional Arab belly dance to your wedding or other family celebration, you need look no further. She is a joyful dancer and her enthusiasm is infectious. Bonita can bring happiness into the hearts of her entire audience, from the babies to the grandpapas and everyone in between. She is delightful to watch and her repertoire is rich and varied...from Belady to a fine Baba Karam, from Saudi to Saidi. She can provide that something special for your party with Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, and Persian styling. She can tailor make a show for your specifications, and is happy to add Latin, Bollywood, Italian and American elements. Bonita is a prop queen can thrill your audience with her expertise in veil, cane, fan, shemadan (candelabra) and sword balancing, Isis wings and finger cymbals. I highly recommend her!” Artemis Mourat

EGYPTIAN/GREEK Engagement Party

“Words cannot express how great the performance was. Bonita is extremely talent and very worldly. She spoke to my mom in Arabic and to my mother in law in Greek. She got everyone to dance. Having her at my party was a ice breaker. Everyone could not stop commenting how great it was. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a belly dancer.” Tanya, Ellicot City, MD- Engagement Party

MOROCCAN Bachelorette Party

“Thank you for everything! We all really enjoyed your lesson, and your performance. My son cannot stop talking about how you danced with a sword on your head! He told all his friends at Hebrew School this morning! I am already planning my next party with you!” Elissa, Olney, MD- Ladies’ Bachlorette Party

PERSIAN Gentleman comments on Gala Show

“Dear Ms. Bonita: Very enjoyable evening for my dad and me. Although it was a chore getting him there and back and forth with ‘cigarette breaks’, I believe he really did enjoy hearing Persian music and seeing you up close, and getting a kiss even. His vision is poor and he is a little frail but you made it an evening to remember. I did not expect you to come and sit with us but enjoyed your hospitality and your great dance performance. Your students did well too but you were the highlight of the evening. Obviously, it was a full house, so you have a lot of fans. I look forward to catching more performances later.” Ali, Alexandria VA, Casablanca Restaurant Persian/Arabic Show

LEBANESE Gentleman Comment on Weekly Casablanca Restaurant Show

“…the sensuous, yet family-oriented, professional belly dancers like Bonita who has 10 years of experience and teaches others. She was a favorite the Friday night I was there as she danced for family groups who were celebrating traditionally. Bonita reminds me of when I was growing up in New York and nice ladies kept the dance tradition going.” Richard Massabny, Arlington Weekly News TV

TURKISH Style Show

“From the start, communication was great between the perfomer and I. She did everything that was asked of her to do, and she tried to incorporate our style preference into her dancing. She was a pleasure to work with, and she is an excellent dancer. Whenever our next party will be, we want her to be a part of it. Thank you.” Loredana, Husband’s Birthday Party, Manassas, VA


“..I am still recovering from the tiredness of the party...I am really delighted that you liked the show and our performance. ..but let me tell you that most outstanding and unique piece was urs...it was praised not only in the hall but thru out the community...u can't b thanked enough...” Shishir, DJ and musician, School Graduation Party, Arlington, VA


“You showed grace in so many ways: of course, in your dancing (as in that butterfly dance which is still etched in my mind), and in your interaction with the audience and the folks who were so caught up with your dancing that they joined you on the dance floor.” Phillipe, Washington DC


“Wow you were absolutely amazing and just were the perfect addition to their wedding! You are just so talented and very graceful, I hope our paths cross again in the very near future, and thanks again for all your patience and support!” Lisa, Theposhplanner.com, Washington DC


“Bonita was the best. Her performance made my event extra special and the guests were truly entertained. I'd highly recommend Bonita for any occasion…Wow you were fantastic and my guests are still talking about your performance. Thank you so much for making the evening extra special and one to remember. It was a pleasure working with you prior to the event and your ability to get the guests involved at the party just added enjoyment all around. Again thank you so very much.” Stephanie, Stafford VA - Birthday Party

NEW YEAR’S EVE - Always Family Friendly Entertainment

“Bonita was great all around....in her professionalism towards guests, family and children....Very enthusiastic and willing to share her professional expertise in the art of Belly Dancing with everyone.” Michelle, Middleburgh, VA, New Years Eve Party

Performance/Lesson/History of Belly Dance Combo - Book Club

“I just wanted to give you a very appreciative and heartfelt thank you for your session with our Book Club on Saturday. And even more than that, I really appreciate you coming through in such a crunch. Your lesson was fantastic and we could not have asked for a better teacher.” Tanesia, Wheaton, MD

Satisfied, Happy Students :-)

“Hello Ms. Bonita
Thank you for coming I had a wonderful time and so did all my friends..they told me the belly dancing workshop was their favorite and said they wanted to start taking classes. It was wonderful having you there and I would love to come to your classes and learn how to belly dance. I have always wanted to take belly dancing lessons but wasn't able to because my parents could not drive me there or weren't able to afford it so it was nice to learn from you and maybe I'll come by with my friends. Once again thank you so much for coming you made it an amazing afternoon for everyone there.”
Sincerely Hajra, someone who admires you
International Festival, High School Student in Northern VA

“I personally didn't know I was going to get up on the "stage" until I heard the opening notes of the drum solo call to me. It was a yin and yang experience before that, with three of my fellow students saying they would NEVER ever go up there and two of the students confidently saying they were getting up there. It wonderful that someone of your experience and prowess still has the empathy for those of us who have had only SIX LESSONS! (BTW, have you ever heard of the song "Six Lessons from Madame LaZonga"? It was a favorite of my dad from his younger days and I'll send you the lyrics if you don't know them.)” Lynn from your beginners class

“I love both the belly dance sessions I've taken...No matter how tired I may feel after work, going to class energizes me and makes me feel good. Thank you for your patience and ability to teach such a wonderful dance and cultural art form.” Sara S., Beginner/Intermediate Student

“I had so much fun with you and learning some moves in your studio. You have a great gift to share with others that can bring them happiness. Thanks again for our lesson.” Alicia, Private Group Lesson

“Bonita is great for lots of individual attention. I think I progressed more in her class than in any other belly dance classes I’ve taken.” Stacie, Intermediate Student

“Not only are you a great teacher, but you are a wonderful motivator as well!” Wendy, Intermediate Student

“Bonita is a great teacher for adults and children both..great class.” Beginner Student Mom and Daughter

Thank you all - Bonita