Raks Bonita (Bonita's Dance)


[Bonita dancing in blue costume]

Bonita is an Italian-American with a B.A. in modern languages and M.A. in international relations. Bonita attended dance classes with her Mother growing up in Boston. She was inspired to dream of Middle Eastern dance, by a glamorous photo of her Mom in a Belly Dance costume.

Bonita began her dance study in Augsburg, Germany with Sabuha Shahaz and continued to study primarily with Ali Sharif, formerly of the Mahmoud Reda Troupe and continued in the USA with Faten Salama, of the National Egyptian Dance Troupe. She has also trained with Elizabeth Artemis Mourat to learn Greek and Turkish style belly dance.

She currently teaches students ages 10 to 70+. Bonita instructs beginners and coaches professionals in specific focused specialty areas.

Her high energy, passionate performances and Mediterranean look make her a popular choice for cable TV performances, ethnic festivals, weddings and club/restaurant shows. Bonita also travels to work with live bands at ethnical festivals and other events.