Raks Bonita (Bonita's Dance)

Belly Dance Instruction

[photo of Bonita teaching a class]
[photo of Bonita's students dancing]
[dance recital group photo]

A variety of tasteful, elegant entertainment show styles are available—Classic Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, Lebanese and Latin-Arabic Fusion. Specialties include Saidi cane, Dance of the 7 Veils, Sword.

To schedule a Belly Dance visit to your world contact Bonita today.


Bonita's Specialty: Tailored beginner orientation class/performance combinations or seminars designed to delight children, teens, senior citizens, American or World pop music aficionados, and specific ethnic groups.

Custom-tailored mini-classes spice up your parties with an enticing, first hand glimpse into this rich, old world cultural dance tradition. Surprise contemporary audiences of all ages with a fit, fun and bonding group participation entertainment at family festivities, corporate soirées or community centers.

8-Week Course

Eight week seasonal sessions for beginner/intermediate level held throughout the year in Alexandria, Virginia.

Private Instruction

Private lesson, specialty classes by pre-appointment only. Beginner Zil (finger cymbal) one time introductory class open to all with pre-registration.


Special coaching for dancers interested in spicing up their routines with Middle Eastern signature steps/combos. Classic to Pop choreographies available. Give your American show dance routines a surprise ethnic flair!