Raks Bonita (Bonita's Dance)

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  • Shemadan
  • cane duet
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  • sword
  • blue 1
  • blue veil 1
  • cane 2
  • gold/black
  • red costume
  • bachelorette party
  • golden wings
  • Nile sunset
  • bachelorette party
  • bachelorette party

Let's dance!

Special Thanks to Anne Marie Lund for select photos. Contact Anne Marie at anne_marie_lund@yahoo.com for your dance photo needs. Deepest thanks to John Stephen Carter and Elizabeth Artemis Mourat not only for the great pictures, but for the lifelong friendship, mentoring and rock solid moral support.

In deepest appreciation to Madame Nousa of Cairo for the truly fabulous costumes that would make even Cleopatra green with envy.

Thanks to energetic, passionate photographer Stephen Elliot for Cairo wedding/Sunset Nile photo shoot.

Alf Shookran wa Shookran - 1,001 Thanks - to the my little sister Dina, a Cairo Bride straight from the pages of Vogue, for inviting me be a part of your wedding celebration. I will never forget all my life long the experience of Eternal Egypt-Your ancient, vibrant homeland where the incense of the ages still dances,lingers and beckons seductively- floating on the night air...and calling to the Dreamer to explore the mystery of Times gone by and Times yet to come.

Vietnamese Wedding Photos and Cane Duet - special thanks to Jin Yong of Sweet Dreams Studio